Police Helmets

www.Police-Equipment-Worldwide.Com sells DOT and Snell approved police motorcycle helmets including the HJC Symax-LE. We also sell the Super Seer mounted police helmet. The Shoei RJ Platinum-LE has a patent leather visor. The HJC half Shell, TEK'S POLICE 1/2 Shell and Shoei RJ Platinum-LE motorcycle helmets, and Super Seer mounted patrol helmet come with a selection of smoked and clear plastic visors, also gold and silver rank bands and "POLICE " and"SHERIFF", Law Enforcement Star and California Seal buttons and posts.

Colors are black and white with a choice of low rise, high rise or no rise trims; or solid black, white or silver . All police helmets can be custom painted. A full line of TEK'S POLICE, Shoei, HJC and Super Seer and police helmet accessories is available including Tourmaster helmet bags, gold and silver rank bands , buttons and posts. We have a full line of replacement parts including helmet liners and pads. Smoked or clear full face shields can be purchased with helmet or at a later date.

Police-Equipment-Worldwide.Com answers the phone 7 days a week including all holidays; taking orders and giving immediate answers to our customer's questions.