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Police Horse Riot Protection - Replacement Nose Guard

Police Horse Riot Protection - Replacement Nose Guard

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Mounted - Riot Helmet

Mounted - Leg Protectors

Teks Police

Used by NATO & other law enforcement agencies across Europe.

Because these are imported from Europe the shipping & duty needs to be calculated on an individual basis Please call (888) 668-6860 Or Email sales@police-equipment-worldwide.com

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Mounted - Leg Protectors
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Our leg guards give protection for the front and side of the leg, the instep, ankle and the kneecap against kicks, hits, blows and impacts.

The guard is fastened by two noneelastic straps around the leg and one elastic strap around the thigh just above the knee.

There are no metal parts such as rivets or hooks, which can give secondary injuries. The kneecap can be covered on request, the rest is 100% textile covered.

Standard: VPAM KDIW edition 2011 level W3

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Weight: 1,7kg per pair

List of materials used:

Inside textile: Acrylic-coated nylon 210gr/m2
Foam: Cross-linked LDPE, 6mm thick
Hard plastics: HDPE 500
Outside textile: Acrylic-coated PA1000 dtex nylon 320gr/m2


Elastics: Elasticated Polypropylene
PP Strap: Polypropylene
Velcro: Polyester/Polyamid
Thread: Gutermann T1003 Polyester thread

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