C.P.E Riot Equipment

Ballistic Armour, Riot Armour and Protective Training Gear


  • Shields

    C.P.E.® has a wide range of shields for different purposes and needs. The standard thickness of the front shield is 4mm of polycarbonate, however 3mm can be used on request. Our shields have been exposed to the most extreme conditions of heat and cold, from +50 degree to minus 30 degree Centigrade.

  • Slash & Cut

    In many areas of the globe we are experiencing a rapidly increasing risk of unexpected attacks from knives, blades and other sharp edged weapons from perpetrators whose sole intention is injure, maim and kill as many as possible. Daily incidences of attacks are reported from many parts of the world, including Europe and the Middle East within prisons and also in public areas.

    Those whose job is to face this threat are often Law Enforcement Officers, Prison Guards, Security and Military Personnel or employees close by when attacks occur.

  • Training

    C.P.E.® offers training equipment designed to facilitate multiple levels of training. Our suits are used daily by many satisfied law enforcement agencies in the United States and in Europe, and by NATO forces in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. This hard contact training equipment fully protects the officer wearing it. As a training aid in ‘use-of-force’ scenarios, these systems are unmatched.

    As with all C.P.E.® equipment, these suits are easy to put on and take off, easy to clean and freshen between uses (and users), and are fully machine washable.

    With C.P.E.® training gear, you can train as you fight. We are not going for pretty... we care about effectiveness.

About C.P.E Riot Equipment

(CPE) Combat Protective Equipment offer a range of riot & ballistic protection which is used across Europe by NATO forces. With headquarters in Finland & over 30 years of experience CPE are the supplier of choice for many agencies around the world such as elite national counter terrorism units, law enforcement & correctional facility personnel.

CPE is ISO 9001 certified with a flawless reputation for superior product design & the highest quality manufacturing processess. CPE's equipment saves lives on a daily basis throughout the world.

Police Equipment Worldwide is the sole distributor in the US & many other countries around the world.

CPE's range includes riot armor, protective gear for training & also ballistic armor.

CPE Ballistic Armor

Combat Protective Equipment (CPE) are the suppliers of the highest quality ballistic armor protection which is available today. Using only the strongest materials & fabric including Dyneema - tested to be the strength of steel & stronger than other alternative materials used in similar products.

All CPE equipment is certified to the highest ballistic protection levels in the industry & the products offer complete protection from small-arms found in any situation.

CPE's body armor is strong enough to withstand & deflect needle penetration with a larger area of protection compared to other ballistic armor on the market.

CPE Riot Armor & Protection

CPE has designed & producted the next generation of riot gear suitable for all situations in the current political climate. Used by a number of law enforcement agencies in Europe & across the world.

Offering Nomex fire retardant upon request - all our protective armor is machine washable.

CPE Combat Training Gear

CPE offer a range of gear designed for full-contact training sessions. Including a full build man suit, this equipment is used daily by law enforcement agencies in the United States of America, Europe & Asia.

CPE training suits are easy to take on & off with easy cleaning between uses with machine washable materials.