Tek's Police - Crowd Control Training Ball - Complete Set - 72"

Desensitize your horse to moving objects and train to push into crowds.

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Horse Training Ball

Multi color ball for training horses to push through crowds and obstacles and general desensitization. Super duty nylon cover over a durable heavy duty vinyl with sonic welded seams. Easily inflates with shop vac or leaf blower. Best storage out of sun in air conditioned space.

  • Easily inflated
  • Heavy duty nylon cover
  • Durable heavy duty vinyl
  • Sonic welded seams

Horse Training with Ball

Alternate Uses

  • Field racing - pushing ball length of field in teams of 3 or horses.
  • Use as field toy for single horse

  • Caution when using in in full sun -- heat will allow the ball to inflate further --inflation level should be monitored when in use.