Gun Locks


Gun Locks & Gun Racks

www.Police-Equipment-Worldwide.Com sells Santa Cruz gun locks and gun racks for all police vehicles. These products empower you to configure the gun rack to precisely fit your firearm.

Santa Cruz gun locks and gunracks are highly flexible systems which are versatile and modular in nature. They incorporate a manual key override into the design, so the lock can be opened even in case of a power failure. The Santa Cruz gun locks cam lock design has become the industry standard for all pump shotgun locks.

The SC-5 Universal gun lock secures a wide variety of firearms in the same gun rack. With the SC-5-XL you can now secure your firearm the way it is with all optics, lights, lasers, grips and other tactical accessories on the firearm. Santa Cruz gun locks and gun racks can fit wall, trunk or roll bar.

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