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Dehner's Stock patrol, Laced instep for Mounted or Motor - The #1 Boot in the US

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- Sizes 8 through 13 1/2, with Foot D or E -- Normally in Stock -

Sizes 7, 71/2, 14 and 15 may take 4 weeks for delivery and are non-returnable -

Foot Sizes C, EE, EEE are not stocked - may take 4 weeks for delivery and are non-returnable

Mini Lug and Heavy Lug Soles Option - Add $75.00 - These options are non-returnable

NOTE: Please ensure that before ordering you consult the Sizing Chart below. Calf measurements must be made over your breeches.


Sole Upgrade

Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Lacing Instructions

Lacing Instructions

As you can see from the diagram, we lace the boots from both sides to the middle. This diagram shows how to lace our 9 eyelet Field Boots and our Bal-Patrol Boots. For our 7 eyelet Field Boots, just subtract one from the top, and one from the bottom.

Start by inserting lace at eyelet number 1 and exiting at number 10. With the two ends of equal length, proceed through the eyelets as numbered (1-9 then 10-18). The ends will meet in the middle. The lace passes from outside to inside on the eyelets colored GREEN in the diagram and from inside to outside on the eyelets colored RED in the diagram

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Fast Dispatch

Expected delivery time: 2-5 working days.
The Break In Progress

Your new boots are manufactured from the finest leather and fashioned by expert craftsmen. The leather has been carefully cut, molded and stitched with nylon thread. When you first wear your boots they should be a snug fit. Here are a few suggestions for breaking in your boots:

  • At first, your boots will be a tight fit a difficult to put on. You can sprinkle a little talcum powder on the inside of your boots & around the instep. This will allow your foot to slide in easier.
  • Some looseness around the heel of the boots may occur when new, this is normal. As your sole breaks in the heel slippage will gradually go away,
  • Use your boots, ride in them, walk in them - getting them wet whilst wearing them will help the leather mold to your leg shape.
  • Avoid drying your boots with heat, repeatedly doing so will cause the leather to crack and the insole to curl.

Cleaning & Conditioning

The correct way to clean your boot can vary by leather type, but there are a few points you always should keep in mind.

Plain tap water is ideal for everyday cleaning of your boots, it is the easiest on the leather. Do not use saddle soap, despite popular belief, saddle soap can actually harm your boots.

You should find cleaners with a pH-balanced formula which will help you avoid the damaging effects of alkaline-based soaps. These cleans will help for tough grime and dirt. With as with any other chemical use carefully and always follow your cleaning with a conditioning. Conditioning will help replace the oils that keep your boots soft and healthy.

Your boots require oil to stay healthy, but always avoid over conditioning. Adding too much oil can saturate the boot and cause an oily feel to the touch.

The welt area of the boot can be a little more difficult to clean & a brush with soft bristles may be required. Work around the welt area gently to loosen the dried dirt and oil. Afterward wipe with a dry, clean & soft cloth.

Lastly, boot trees can be used to preserve the overall shape of the boot. Especially once the leather has gotten damp. Boot trees can help your boots look great for years.

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