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Police Horse Riot Protection - Front Leg Protectors

Police Horse Riot Protection - Front Leg Protectors

Mounted - Chest Protector

Mounted - Chest Protector

Police Horse Riot Protection - Rear Leg Protectors

Teks Police

Used by NATO & other law enforcement agencies across Europe.

Because these are imported from Europe the shipping & duty needs to be calculated on an individual basis Please call (888) 668-6860 Or Email sales@police-equipment-worldwide.com

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Our horse leg guards are designed to give good protection against thrown objects and hits in riot control situations.

Each protector has a 4-piece flexible protection system. In addition to this the front leg guards even have a separate protection element for the knees. The protectors are easy to attach with a 30mm wide strap where reflective elements are stitched on.


There is one size available which is adjustable with straps. The height of the front leg is 49cm and the height of the back leg is 32 cm.


Pair of front legs: 0,9kg +/- 5%
Pair of back legs: 0,6kg +/- 5%


Outer Textile: Acrylic-coasted nylon 180gr/m2
Inside Textile: Acrylic-coasted nylon 180gr/m2
Foam: Cross-linked LDPE, 6mm thick
Hard Plastics: HDPE 500

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