Tek's Police - Crowd Control Training Ball - Bladder Only - 72"

Bladder is Heavy Duty Vinyl used in waterbeds and inflatable rafts.

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Replacement bladder for our crowd control training ball. This bladder fits our 72" training ball.

Please contact us for other size replacement bladders

CAUTION - These balls are to be used as a training aid by having the horse push against the ball whilst the trainer pushes back some, then retreats. If the ball is pushed against a wall, or another horse pushing back, the bladder and/or the cover may split. If used to play "soccer", the ball must be free rolling to avoid the above. If the ball comes upon a nail or barbed wire it will puncture or if left in the sun it may expand and split. Therefore, there is a "NO RETURN" policy, unless the ball is defective when you first inflate it and before any use. This must be done upon receipt.