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Tek's Police - Crowd Control Training Ball - Skin Only - 72"

Teks Police

Desensitize your horse to moving objects and train to push into crowds

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Horse Training Ball - Skin Only

Multi color ball for training horses to push through crowds and obstacles and general desensitization. Super duty nylon cover over a durable heavy duty vinyl with sonic welded seams. Easily inflates with shop vac or leaf blower. Best storage out of sun in air conditioned space.

  • Easily inflated
  • Heavy duty nylon cover
  • Durable heavy duty vinyl
  • Sonic welded seams

Caution when using in in full sun -- heat will allow the ball to inflate further --inflation level should be monitored when in use.

Due to the nature of their use, these balls are not exchangable. If the ball has an obvious defect when first inflated, then we will certainly exchange it; as long as it has never been used.

These balls are to be used as a training aid by having the horse push against the ball whilst the trainer pushes back some, then retreats. If the ball is pushed against a wall, or another horse pushing back, the bladder and/or the cover may split. If used to play "soccer", the ball must be free rolling to avoid the above. If the ball comes upon a nail or barbed wire it will puncture or if left in the sun it may expand and split. Therefore, there is a "NO RETURN" policy, unless the ball is defective when you first inflate it and before any use. This must be done upon receipt. 

Horse Training with Ball

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