Dehner's STOCK Zippered Paddock - Men's

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Dehner's Stock Zippered Paddock - Men's
Stock paddock shoes are 100% leather and come with many different options. Black or brown, laced or zipper, smooth soles or ribbed, stitched soles or flat lasted glued soles. Sizes range from Ladies size 4 to 10 (widths A through C) and Men’s 7 thru 12 (widths D and E).

It is our goal to ensure that your boots fit well the first time you order. Some boots have a restricted return/exchange policy, and exchanges may result in added shipping costs - see above.

Unless you have previously worn Dehner boots we recommend you follow the following guidelines:

You should get a good foot size and width using a metal sizing device. You can do this at any shoe store - Walmart usually has one.

It is important to measure the calf over the breeches and socks you will be wearing. You can then refer to the chart below to make sure the calf will not be too small. If your calf measurement is larger than the size on the chart we can add 1" to that measurement - there is no charge for that.

For example, a 12E has a calf of 16 3/4" - if the measurement is more, you should add the 1" - the order would then be for a "12E Wide".

If you believe that you cannot get a wide enough calf, or have any question at all, please call and we can talk about it.