Police Equipment Worldwide, Customer Testimonials


Dr. Peter Stoll Motorcycle Helmet Customer

Hello Tek, no problem! I am glad that I found a professional dealer, who ships the helmet to Germany! Thank you for the good cooperation in managing this and have a nice weekend!


Richard Gillespie Saddle Pad Customer

Tek, The pad is gorgeous. Great job! Many thanks, Ric.


Joshua Jester Stratton Hat Customer

Received the hat today! Looks GREAT!

Thanks, Team! Can’t wait to deal with y’all again!


William Donahue Tek's Police Breeches Customer

I love the pants, I ordered abother pair

Can you provide a quote if we were to order around 15 to 20 pairs on various sizes?


Javier De La Paz Riot Equipment Customer

Thank you I greatly appreciate your customer service, professionalism and caring, sadly it is something being lost in our great Nation.

Thank you again and I will be sure to continue ordering from you. If possible I would like to make you a vendor for our Department.


William Buckley Tek's Police Breeches Customer

Howdy Tek, I just got my breeches delivered from you folks. Man, you’ve without a doubt have got the best made, best fitting, and most comfortable riding breeches out there!! So happy, thanks a million.


Joanne Woodworth Saddle Pad Customer

Our Sgt loves it, it’s an adjustment for the rest of us as it is much bigger than our old one and the colors are a lot brighter!


Holly Skomars Neck Rope Customer

Just ordered 2 more! And just got a confirmation email.

Just letting you know I love this product and refer many people to you! Thanks, Holly


Trooper Alena Gallardo Saddle Pad Customer

We want to thank you for all of your hard work on our new saddle pads, they look amazing and we will send pictures as soon as we can!

Please send our thanks to all of those involved !